Thursday, August 20, 2009

Final Decision on the Wilderness Wal Mart

Tonight, the Orange County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wal Mart's application to build a superstore on the Wilderness battle site.

The Commission will hear all objections tonight and the county Board of Supervisors will vote on the application tonight or at 7pm on Friday. According to a local Fredericksburg newspaper, a majority of the supervisors is leaning towards approving the application.

What can we do? We can send emails to each of the supervisors. I have listed their email addresses in the June portion of my blog. You can cut and paste their addresses. In addition, you can go to the Civil War Preservation Trust website and enter your name to a prepared email to Michael Duke, the CEO of Wal Mart.

Only a public groundswell will stop this from happening.

Please help.
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