Monday, August 24, 2009

Wilderness Vote Tonight

Tonight, the Orange County Board of Supervisors will vote on Wal Mart's application on the Wilderness battlefield.

After months of debate and protests, the Board will finally make its decision.

Last Friday, the county's Planning Commission deadlocked at 4-4 and did not vote to recommend Wal Mart's application. That was a denial in effect.

There is still time to take action. We can still email the Board of Supervisors. I sent my email in this morning. I urged them to reject Wal Mart's application and accept the offer of an alternative site by developer Fred Marcantoni. When they check their emails today, I hope they will feel pressured to reject the application.

This is our last chance to save the battlefield. Do we really want a Wal Mart superstore on the field where so many men gave their lives? Please take this step.
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