Friday, September 25, 2009

Davis-Mending Fences

Today in 1864, Jefferson Davis had to play the role of peacemaker. After suffering a string of defeats at the hands of General Sherman, General John Hood blamed his failures on his underlings. He reserved most of his ire for General William Hardee. Tensions grew in his army to such a boiling point that Davis felt the need to visit the Army of Tennessee's camp to smooth out the tensions.

This behavior was not confined to the Confederates. After his failure at Second Bull Run, John Pope had his subordinate general Fitz Hugh Porter arrested and courtmartialed. Human nature knows no nationality or accent.

That is why Robert E. Lee's behavior after Gettysburg was so remarkable. After the failure of Picketts Charge, he blamed himself saying,"It is all my fault." He refused to seek scapegoats and offered his resignation to Jefferson Davis. For all of you who have spent any time in the workforce, you know that acceptance of responsibility is a rare quality.
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