Thursday, July 9, 2009

Civil War National Parks-Nature Preserves

Civil War parks are not only historical sites, but great nature preserves as well.

Greg Wolcott, a maintenance worker at the Pea Ridge National Park, gives monthly walks pointing out the birds on the site. After several years, he can distinguish them by sight and sound. The wildlife has given him a lot of material.

The nature is also wonderful at the other parks. During my visit to Shiloh National Park, I saw a deer roaming nearby. At Spotsylvania, the area near the Angle has a wonderful trail. The place is silent at many points in the day. It is so quiet and peaceful. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. At Chancellorsville, I noticed an elderly man jogging. The hiking in these places is wonderful. With the federalization of these sites, they have become nature preserves.

The quiet is in utter contrast to the force and violence that occurred at these battle sites.

The beautiful nature at these parks is a way to sell a visit there. You can tell your spouse,"Honey, you'll love the trees."
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