Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hope in the Wilderness

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat, and Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William Howell, a Republican, have raised the stakes in the Wilderness Wal Mart debate. They have jointly signed a letter to the Orange County chairman Lee Frame urging the county to choose an alternative site for Wal Mart's proposed superstore.

The two politicians also offered to mediate a compromise to this dispute.

Though the ultimate decision rests with the county's Board of Supervisors, this creates a real possibility that an alternative site could be chosen.

As previously noted on this blog, John Marcantoni, a developer in Orange County, has offered land owned by him and his partner for Wal Mart's new store.

The supervisors in Orange County might take note and require Wal Mart to find another location. They now face public pressure to do so. It might be in their self-interest to seek a compromise.

The second battle of the Wilderness might yet be won.
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