Monday, July 20, 2009

An Unlikely Civil War Buff

One of my friends made an unlikely admission to me. He too is a Civil War buff.

His name is Getinder Singh (his friends call him GT). In accordance with Sikh religious customs, he wears a turban, a full beard and a kara (bracelet) on his arm. He is a criminal defense attorney who practices in the New York City and Long Island courts. He defends felons and drunk drivers. His job is to keep people from the iron bars. GT grew up in Richmond Hill, Queens from parents who came from the northwestern Indian state of Punjab.

We had known each other for a while when he told me that he had been to all the major battle sites in the East. He told me,"I dragged my kids there." He remarked about how amazing they are and how he wants his children to have some appreciation of American history.

Isn't is amazing? This is a man who is a first generation American yet he has a deep interest in our Civil War. This is also a man who has traveled all over the world yet he chose to see Gettysburg and Spotsylvania. It shows you what a compelling event it is. Civil War buffs are a diverse lot.
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