Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Potential Solution to Wal Mart in the Wilderness

Orange County developer John Marcantoni may have an answer to the potential Wal Mart in the Wilderness.

He is proposing an alternative site owned by him and his business partner along Virginia State Route 3. The site consists of 75 acres. Above all, it does not impinge on the Wilderness battle site, as the proposed Wal Mart location will.

This could serve as a win-win situation for Wal Mart and Orange County. The retailer could get its superstore and the county could buttress its tax base.

Though Wal Mart has initially objected to a relocation, Marcantoni has a valid response to their reservations. Marcantoni's spot is zoned for agricultural use whereas the current proposed location is already zoned for commercial use. The alternative site would have to be rezoned. However, the developer points out that Wal Mart is already taking the equivalent bureaucratic steps for rezoning because it is applying for a special use permit. Wal Mart would simply have to perform the same steps for Marcantoni's location.

This could save the Wilderness battle site. We should all write to the Orange County Board of Supervisors to advocate for the alternative site.

This is our chance for a good, creative solution to this problem.
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