Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Thing to Do at Gettysburg-Article in the Civil War Times

Gettysburg, the great winter battle? No, that is a picture of the Picketts Charge battlefield I took during my novel research in Gettysburg several years ago. I visited in January. It's from the Union side of the field.

The Civil War Times listed ten great activities in Gettysburg. I can think of an eleventh. Walking Picketts Charge. That is what I did. I started from the staging area for Picketts Division in Spanglers Wood and walked to the Copse of Trees and Armistead's high water mark.

It's a wonderful little trek. You get a sense of the terrain. As you walk it, you can get a feeling for what the Confederate infantrymen endured. Imagine having to traipse that terrain under long-range cannon fire. If you survive that, you have to cross the Emmitsburg Road. After you get past the road, canister fire is added to the cannon. Once you pass those obstacles, you are subject to Union rifle fire. Most did not make it. However, if you can imagine it in your head, it is a wonderful and intense experience.

I highly recommend it. For those who love Day 3 of Gettysburg, that is the thing to do.

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