Friday, June 12, 2009

Save the Wilderness-Part III

Friends, I have written this letter to Congressman Robert Wittman, the House Member who represents the Wilderness area:

Dear Congressman,

I am writing to ask you to tackle an issue of historic significance. You represent a unique district. Your constituency holds many of the great Civil War battlefields in Virginia. Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and the Wilderness are in your area. Unlike much of America, history resides in your district.

As you're probably aware, the Wilderness is in danger. Wal Mart is planning to build a store on the road beside the battle site. It should be noted that Wal Mart already has three stores within a twenty mile radius of the area. There are hundreds of Wal Marts in America but only one Wilderness. We are a commercial country and that is a strength. However, I believe this bit of history is sacred.

Sir, I ask you to help prevent the construction of the store on the site. Wal Mart is a good and fine organization but its plan is misguided. Please take the lead in preserving not only a valuable bit of our history but a valuable tourist attraction in your district.

Congressman, I know that history has no constituency. Nevertheless, history is our identity. It is what makes us American. The Wilderness battlefield is a unique part of us all.

Please help, sir. Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Naim Peress

Use this letter if you like. Adapt it a bit. Above all, email him. This is how we can make a difference.

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