Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Children's Book on the Civil War

Last night, I looked for a good introductory history book for my nieces. Like many Civil War buffs, I'm trying to seduce the younger generation.

If the picture did not come out as good as I had hoped, the title is "If You Lived During the Civil War." It dispenses with the dates of battles or names of personalities and discusses daily life during the 1860's.

It does not shrink from the controversial topics. It discusses why the South seceded and why the North fought. Interestingly, it compares the life of Southerners versus Northerners. For instance, it talks about the greater likelihood of a Southerner witnessing a battle as opposed to a Northerner. It also gives the valuable information about which states left the Union and which stayed.

It's a very good book for young beginners. Scholastic publishes it. In fact, the publishing house has a whole series of books about various points in our history like the Revolutionary War, colonial times and other periods.

If you have young ones or nieces like myself that you want to indoctrinate, this is a good place to start.

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